Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Überware products.


  • Why are the API versions different than the Download versions?
  • Is there any documentation?
  • Configuring Smedge

  • How do I use a Mapped Network Drive with SmedgeEngine running as a Service?
  • Does Smedge work with disk imaging software?
  • Nothing appears in the Gui
  • Does a software firewall interfere with Smedge operation?
  • Where is the command to request a license?
  • How do I change the user account used to run SmedgeEngine as a Service or daemon?
  • How does Smedge translate file paths between platforms?
  • Whenever I start SmedgeEngine on Linux, it crashes my Windows Master!
  • Do I have to upgrade all of my machines at the same time?
  • What ports does Smedge use?
  • What is the password for the Smedge user account created on my system?
  • None of my Engines are showing up
  • What does the "Enable fast Log-Off script Engine control" option do?
  • Help! I installed Smedge and now I can't log into my machines!!!!
  • Can I map a hidden network drive with a $ in its name?
  • Smedge does not work on my 64 bit Linux box
  • Smedge complains it is missing libuuid.so
  • How do I force a single machine to always be the Master with Smedge?
  • How do I get back to the default views?
  • Engines

  • How can I control the local Engine from a commandline?
  • How can I configure all of my Engines at one time?
  • Why does an Engine show up more than once in the Engines List?
  • After installing Smedge, I can only log in as the user "Smedge". Where did my account go?
  • Failing Work

  • How do I disable error text detection?
  • Maya is failing with error code 211
  • What does 'Cannot convert data of type int[] to type int' mean?
  • Some of my Macs report that the file is missing even though I can see it in the Finder
  • General Information

  • Where does the name "Smedge" come from?
  • Why does the work show negative time?
  • Why does the work say it's been going for 37 and a half minutes when it just started?
  • Why does my Engine say it has been online for negative time or for days when it just started?
  • Does changing the system time affect Smedge operation?
  • What's new in Smedge version X?
  • Is Smedge 64 bit?
  • Is Smedge Unicode aware?
  • Why do I have to restart after installing Smedge?
  • Smedge does not operate correctly after upgrading
  • Can I run the Master on Windows and the Engines on Linux?
  • Does my Smedge license allow me to render on a machine that does not have a mental ray (or other Product) license?
  • Does Smedge work with Windows Vista?
  • Where are the log files Smedge creates?
  • Why does the SmedgeEngine or SmedgeMaster icon bounce in the Dock so long?
  • Can I use plug-ins for my render if I use Smedge?
  • Is there information on Smedge 2 still available?
  • Why are my frames being rendered out of order?
  • Jobs

  • Why are jobs at a lower priority being distributed before my Job?
  • Why is my Job not being distributed?
  • Why is my Job "finished" as soon as I submit it?
  • Maintain complex Job hierarchies in a single Job file
  • How can I change the "creator" to the real name of the person that created the Job?
  • Can I submit a Job from Windows and have it execute on Linux?
  • How can I use mental ray (or any other) distributed rendering with Smedge?
  • Licensing

  • Does my license ever expire?
  • How much does Smedge cost?
  • Why do I have to purchase the support contract to purchase additional licenses?
  • Can I move my license (move my Master) to a different computer?
  • Products and Modules

  • What's the difference between "Maya" and "Maya Software"?
  • How do I add case sensitive parameters to my Virtual Module?
  • How can I debug my Virtual Module?
  • SmedgeGui

  • Can I double sort the lists?
  • Can I use Windows Remote Desktop instead of VNC?
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