Smedge Documentation

You can access all of the Smedge manuals here in PDF format. To read them, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free.


Installation Guide 272 KB
Instructions for installing, configuring, upgrading, or removing Smedge


What's New 250 KB
Read about what's new in Smedge.


User Manual 1,696 KB
Basic instructions about using Smedge to perform work and full reference for all of the Shell programs.


Administrator Manual 1,077 KB
Instructions for administration of the Smedge network, reference for SmedgeEngine, SmedgeMaster, and all of the Modules. Also includes instructions for creating your own Virtual Modules.


Using Smedge with After Effects 250 KB
Some instructions for configuring and using Smedge to control After Effects renders on your network.

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