Remote Support

Uberware can provide remote training and technical support using the Remote Support client tools. When you run this tool, you will temporarily allow your support agent to connect to and control your machine. This way we can quickly diagnose problems you may be having and find solutions to get you going again.

You can also find more information using the other support links, including:
  Frequently Asked Questions
  User Forums.

Download the Support Client

The remote support client is powered by TeamViewer a powerful and highly secure solution for remote desktop monitoring and control.


To get started, please follow these steps:
  1. Download the client from http://get.teamviewer.com/Smedge
    The web page will automatically download the correct version for your local machine.
  2. Unpack the downloaded archive file and start the TeamViewer Quick Support application.
  3. Contact us with the ID and password for your machine so we can connect remotely.
  Please let us know if you have any problem with the Remote Support client.

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