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Smedge 2014 Update 1 is released! December 05, 2013
The latest update to Smedge is now available for immediate download on all platforms. This version adds a few cool features and fixes issues in the Smedge 2014 release.

Visit the Download Page for links to download for all platforms, as well as instructions for installation and licensing.

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Payment processing page was broken! November 27, 2013
Strangely, our website had some kind of page corruption and the page to make a purchase was broken (showing up as a blank white page). I have fixed this problem now and payment processing should be back to normal. Please let me know if you experience any issues trying to make a purchase.

And keep your eyes peeled for Smedge 2014 Update 1, coming next week. Thank you, and see you in Smedge!

Welcome to our new reseller! November 27, 2013
We have a new reseller in France. Check out IMAGE IN NETWORK S.A.S. on our reseller page and give them a shout out if you are in France and need some Smedge!
Smedge Resellers

Smedge 2014 Update 1 Progress Reports November 06, 2013
I'll be posting pre-release updates and download links for Smedge 2014 Update 1, with features and fixes on the forums. If you experience any issues with Smedge, please take a look at the posts to see if it is an issue that has already been addressed with a new build available.

Smedge 2014 is now available September 20, 2013
The next version of Smedge is now available for all platforms. We strongly recommend updating as soon as possible, because this version is such a major performance and reliability improvement over all previous versions. Tested in production on networks of over 1,000 nodes, the improved automation features give you enterprise performance without specialized training and without breaking the bank.

Smedge 2014 Beta 2 now available! August 14, 2013
The next beta of Smedge 2014 is ready, finishing off the improvements in the interface and performance. The biggest change since beta 1 is the extension of the improved display and performance of the main interface to the Job History system, both in the GUI and in the command line interface.
See the forum post for more information and download links

Smedge 2014 Beta 1 is here! July 21, 2013
The next version of Smedge is ready for testing on all platforms! Smedge 2014 is a major step up in performance and reliability. If you are under current support, you can start using the beta version right away. And, if you are not, you can now run Smedge 2014 with no license code installed on up to 3 machines!
See the forums for more information

Siggraph 2013 July 11, 2013
I will be at Siggraph in Anaheim on July 23rd, with the new Smedge. Drop me a line if you want to meet up.

Uberware is now on Twitter May 09, 2013
You can follow Uberware on Twitter. Keep an eye out for news and updates, and drop us a line if you have any questions!

And don't forget that Smedge has a Facebook page


We also are on LinkedIn, so you have all sorts of ways you can join in the conversation and contact us!

In support of VFX artists everywhere February 25, 2013

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