Smedge works on Windows XP or later.

Smedge requires the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Runtime Package. If you use the MSI installer, the required libraries are included. If you use the ZIP, you may need to install these manually from the Microsoft Web site if you have not before. Make sure to use the x64 version of the runtimes for Smedge 2014.2 or later, and the x86 version for Smedge 2014.1 or earlier.

Smedge is still availble as a 32 bit Windows application also. Please contact us for more information.

Smedge Linux binaries are built on CentOS 6 x86_64. If you use the RPM to install Smedge, requirements should be handled for you automatically.

These binaries have the following dependencies:
This list will be updated shortly

Note that this version is tested to run on most common Linux flavors on Intel (or compatible) hardware. However, it is possible to custom build Smedge on nearly any Linux distribution running on either Intel or PowerPC hardware, including even Linux running on a PlayStation 3. If you have a special distribution that you want to support, please contact Uberware support.

Smedge is a 64 bit self contained Application bundle that will run on OS-X 10.5 or later, on Intel Macs.
In General Smedge requires an active and connected TCP/IP network available.
  Contact Uberware Support if you have any problems running Smedge.

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